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CM-1D Carton Sealer

Carton sealers are case equipment that seals the top or bottom of a case with tape or glue. Typically, the minor corrugated flaps are kicked and plowed closed as the cases are transferred. As the cases enter the compression section, the major flaps of the carton are closed and a hot-melt adhesive is applied.

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 Top & bottom belts drive

Suitable for products in light weight

Model CM-1D
Power supply 1P 110v/220v 50Hz/60Hz 470W/570W
Sealing speed 30cartons/min
Carton size L(150-∞) x W(180-500) x H(120-480)mm
Tape size 48-72mm(Kraft or BOPP tape)
Machine size L(970) x W(890) x H(1280)mm
Shipping size L(1150) x W(1050) x H(1435)mm
G.W/N.W 240Kg/190Kg
Optional ①Extension roller table ②Feet wheel
③Stainless steel

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